Why Sanjeevani Cow Milk

Buy Organic Milk Online- we are accessible daily from 8.am to 8.pm. In our honest attempt we provide farm fresh cow milk to serve chemical and preservative – free, nutritious milk. The cows do not get any hormonal injections to enhance the quality of farm fresh organic milk yield. Surveys have proved that the consumption of milk contaminated with oxytocin has link with children’s early onset of puberty, rising on an alarming rate these days.

We do packaging using one of the safest materials, non-reactive and non-toxic, in comparison with other packaging materials, which can leach into food products. In future we look to bringing more farm fresh organic milk to your dining table. We make sure that our milk products do not contain any harmful substances which are broadly present in our food. We provide strict quality tests through FSSAI authorized laboratories to make sure that there are no traces of any chemicals, pesticides, or preservatives in our milk products. There are a lot of reasons as to why you should buy from us, but most powerful one is our trust from our prior customers. Being a new customer you can always as from our prior customers about our reliability and you can also get review online as the technologies have advanced in recent years. Thus, trust us and buy farm fresh cow milk from our raw milk suppliers. You may visit our dairy farms as well to see the milk production process. Give sizzling hot spot a try.