Our Products

Sanjeevani Cow Milk envisions serving Holistic Milk Products from our Happy Cows. We believe Happy Cows produce more & better milk! Thereby, we practice no compromise in the business of Dairy and Happy Cows. Have fun with a slizing hot. In fact, we take great pride in providing a loving, caring, and responsible environment for the overall milk palate for our customers and their families. We practice an absolute eco-friendly, natural and unadulterated value-chain in conjunction with the best use of technology innovations. Our variety milk products include:

Organic Cow’s Milk

Sanjeevani Milk is one of the purest Cow’s Milk in Delhi NCR, delivered fresh from Farm to Homes. completely untouched by Human Hands and surroundings

Coming Soon

Organic Dahi

Prepared from 100% Pure & Natural Cow’s Milk our Dahi or Yoghurt is delivered in absolute cold supply-chain from our farms to your homes, everyday!

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Organic Fresh Paneer

Prepared from 100% Pure & Natural Milk which is processed by our dairy experts to bring fresh, soft and delicious Paneer for you and your family.

Coming Soon

Organic Cow’s Ghee

Prepared from 100% Pure & Natural Cow Milk produced at our hi-tech dairy farms to obtain and maintain its natural aroma and wholesomeness of Cow’s Ghee.

Coming Soon

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