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Benefits of Cow Milk

  • Cow Milk is Sweet in taste and a healty digestive.
  • Cow Milk has several nutrients which helps glowing and wrinkle free skin.
  • Cow Milk is a great source of calcium, which is essential for healthy bones/joints/teeth.
  • Cow Milk contains high quality proteins, which increases immune system and metabolism in body.
  • It helps in reducing overweight.
  • Cow Milk increases brain power in children and reduces stress level.
  • Cow Milk reduces risk of high blood pressure/heart attack/strokes/cancer and other diseases.

Our Process

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Our Products

Organic Cow's Milk

Organic Cow’s Milk

Organic Dahi

Organic Fresh Paneer

Organic Ghee

Sanjeevani Happy Cow

sanjeevani happy cow

Sanjeevani Dairy Farms

In the tiny village of Khewra near Delhi, off the NH 1 highway, a family breeds happy Holstein cows on a multi acre farm that bears their name: Sanjeevani. At the farm, you’ll meet our happy Holstein Friesian cows, a breed of cattle valued for the remarkable quality of their milk. Our farm manager and his team of experts ensure our cows stay comfortable and happy, https://datingstatus.com/de/ and have no reason to complain (not even a moo). It’s no secret that happy cows give better milk.

The cows are provided with a healthy diet, ensuring the best quality milk. They enjoy a lifestyle like few others do, with automatic massagers to soothe them, giant fans to keep them cool all day, and the softest beds that promise a good night’s rest after a day spent doing nothing (except well chewing).

Should the idle life stress them out, they have ruminating bays where we leave them to chew the cud, with a little encouragement from Mozart or Bach. Mother cows have a dedicated area to bond with their little https://datingstatus.com/it/ ones. And a health bay with vet on-call 24×7 for sick cows to be nursed back to good health. Take our advice, if you want to be healthy, drink our milk. And if you want to be happy, live like our cows.

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